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Video for more self-esteem: Write a love letter to yourself

Photo: Screenshot "Friends for Life"

Video project "In Love - Your Self: A love letter to myself" should increase self-esteem

Increase self-esteem through a love letter to yourself? The video project "In love - Your self: A love letter to myself" from the Berlin Friends for Life shows how it works.

"Life is precious, even if sometimes you do not feel that way."

"As you are, you are perfect."

These are beautiful words that we hear too rarely. So why do not we say it to ourselves?

The Berlin Friends for Life Association, which has been campaigning for suicide prevention among young people since 2001, has just released a new video. In the video, nine protagonists were asked to write a love letter to themselves. The whole thing has a great effect: Finally, people think about what they really like about themselves.

We do that too rarely. We do not want to be selfish or arrogant. The protagonists in the video are also to see how nervous they are: shy laughter, trembling hands while reading their dear lines ... But can a healthy self-esteem be "arrogant"? No!

That the use of the association is important, illustrate terrible figures: In Germany every day on average six young people and young adults under 40 years by suicide. Friends for life want to change that. ( HERE it goes to the homepage of the association )

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Here is the great video "In Love - Your Self: A love letter to myself":


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