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DIY tip: Autumn lantern with moss

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Gifts of nature

Now it is getting really cozy! With this beautiful lantern with moss and all kinds of autumnal gifts of nature, the cosiness of your home. The step by step instructions can be found here:

You need this:

  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • moss
  • Glass vase or lantern glass
  • Myrtle wire in copper
  • Owls and maple leaves made of wood (eg depot)
  • rosehip branch
  • Physalis
  • oak leaf
  • candle
  • scissors
  • side cutter

It's that easy:

1. Stick the moss to the vase with the hot glue gun and plenty of hot glue.

2. Cut out a surface in the middle of the vase and use a pair of scissors to cut out a heart.

3. Cut off excess moss at the upper edge of the glass.

4. Wrap the glass with myrtle wire and attach rosehip twigs over the heart.

5. Integrate various decorative materials in the wire mesh.

6. Put a candle in the lantern.

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