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The secret headache triggers

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  1. Parmesan, pillows, handbags ...
  2. Unilateral exposure to heavy handbags
  3. Unpleasant side effects
  4. Food Intolerance
  5. Tension in sleep
  6. Too little magnesium
  7. Cause water shortage

Parmesan, pillows, handbags ...

Aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen - these are painkillers that most people resort to when they have a headache. But the tablets, which are supposed to relieve our symptoms, can also trigger the pain - in each case when they are taken more than ten to 15 times a month. Scientists are always discovering new headache triggers that many patients, and even some doctors, do not yet know about. Here are the most important.

Unilateral exposure to heavy handbags

Women who complain of headaches over and over again should check their handbag. Often, the daily attendants are too tall or too heavy, thereby presenting a one-sided burden on the shoulder-neck area.

The result: A malposition that can cause tension headache.

Headache trigger jaw and teeth

If you often have a headache and you do not know why, you should have your dentist check you out - possibly the symptoms are caused by crooked teeth or jaw malposition. The biting then loads the temporomandibular joint - a circumstance that affects the cervical spine and causes tension there.

The result: headache! The dentist or an orthodontist can recognize and treat the malposition.

Unpleasant side effects

Do you regularly take medication? Then please study again exactly the package leaflet. Because medicines can be common headache trigger . Some antihypertensives, heart medications, stomach acid blockers and some antidepressants are potential causes of headache.

Food Intolerance

The ingredients of certain foods can trigger the painful symptoms. For example, anyone who gets a buzz-head after eating salami or Parmesan, tuna or red grapes may not tolerate histamine.

The reason for the incompatibility: The body forms too few enzymes that can degrade the substance. Typical for the histamine intolerance are in addition to indigestion headaches that occur directly after eating and decay after about an hour.

Tension in sleep

You are already roaring shortly after getting up in the morning the head? Then it is worth a pillow check. "Many sleep on too big pillows. The shoulders can not sink into the mattress, the neck is tense, "explains Detlef Detjen from Aktion Gesunder Rücken. The result is headaches from neck or shoulder tension.

Too little magnesium

Also headaches due to magnesium deficiency are common. For an insufficient supply of mineral increases the excitability of muscles and nerve fibers. The result is neck and shoulder tensions, which then lead to tension headaches.

The daily requirement of about 350 mg is best met with a good magnesium supplement from the pharmacy (eg Magnesium Verla).

Cause water shortage

At least two liters of fluid should be consumed by each adult a day. The blood gets thicker and the oxygen supply diminishes. That makes you feel your head too. It is best to drink a glass of water every hour. Even in the acute case, a large glass of mineral water can work little wonders.