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Always cold hands? This helps!

You always have cold hands? As the days get colder, it's almost normal.

Whoever has cold hands, probably suffers from a circulatory disorder.
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But cold hands can also have serious causes. This helps.

Women are simply at a disadvantage in winter: they have thinner skin than men and thinner muscles that are less perfused. Therefore, they freeze faster and stronger. And most often have cold hands . For as soon as the body is exposed to a cold irritation, it first narrows the fine blood vessels in the fingers and feet. It saves energy to keep the organs warm. It also sends a useful warning signal.

Cold hands and feet increase the risk of cold according to studies - so we should always protect our hands with gloves and practical pocket warmers from the cold. But that's not enough for many people. They often have cold hands even in a warm apartment. Then the cause is usually a low blood pressure.

Finger gymnastics and alternating baths against cold hands

In order to promote the blood circulation of the hands two measures are particularly helpful: a short finger gymnastics (fist ball - finger stretch, "play the piano") activates the muscle blood circulation, cold-warm alternating baths for the arms widen the blood vessels. However, this does not help many women either: as soon as their hands feel cold, the fingers instantly stiffen into painful icicles (Raynaud's syndrome). Those affected suffer from increased estrogen levels . The female hormone makes the blood thicker, so that it no longer reaches fine vessel ends in the fingers when they narrow in cold weather. Hormone-lowering drugs, however, help quickly and reliably against cold hands .

Your hands are not only cold, but also brittle and cracked? In winter, it depends on the right hand cream.

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