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Disney princesses in Miley Cyrus' harshest poses

Miley Cyrus became Disney Princesses

Miley Cyrus may have believed that her past as a Disney star was far behind. Now, however, she got a new role.

Miley Cyrus as Disney Princess Belle
Photo: If
Italian graphic designer Michele Moricci turned her into all the Disney princesses - and even Miley liked it.

At first glance, Miley Cyrus, with her new, tighter image, has little in common with the sweet Disney heroines that delight millions of little girls. On closer examination, however, one must realize: the comparison fits better than you think!

Miley Cyrus as Disney Princesses, seen in the gallery:

Whether Cinderella, Belle, Ariellel, or Pocahontas - they all refused to obey rules and conventions and rebelliously pulled out their style, no matter what others thought. In the end, the tactics paid off, they all got their prince and lived happily ever after.

Miley Cyrus, like the Disney princesses, is waiting for the right prince

No question that even in Miley Cyrus' future the right one is waiting for her. Until then, however, she bravely goes her way and whistles on her ex Liam Hemsworth, who is probably more on tame girls and traditional beauties. Graphic designer Michele Moricci recognized the connection between Miley and the famous fairytale heroines and creatively transformed him into "Cosmopolitan".

The singer thought the idea was so cool that she posted the pictures on her Twitter profile on October 26, 2013. We are also thrilled to present the Disney princesses in our gallery compared to the most popular poses of the pop rebel.

Miley Cyrus showed her "Cameltoe" at the MTV EMA. The pictures and who else the glitch happened, we present here!