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Sleep better: tips for more rest in bed

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  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Sleep better: properly covered
  3. Care tip for duvets
  4. The perfect pillow for your sleeping position
  5. Sleep better than people with allergies
  6. The best winter blankets

Sweet Dreams

How to bed, so you sleep! We show that the saying is more truthful than you think.

Sleep better : properly covered

Sleep well and wake up relaxed - and the duvet plays an important role. You should pay attention to this:

1. The size: Classic is a format of 135 × 200 cm.For taller people (from about 180 cm) or comfort-conscious sleeper is a size of 155 × 220 cm just as easily available and barely more expensive, so we recommend this when buying a new one, The trend is XXL blankets for couples or luxury sleepers. Your measurements: 200 × 200 cm or 200 × 220 cm.

2. The filling: There are basically three fillings: down, synthetic and natural fibers. The warmest is down, they are more supple and warmer than synthetic products. Goose down will heat up well even with economical stuffing and quickly transport moisture to the outside. Disadvantage: In the purchase they are quite expensive. Alternatively, there are blankets filled with synthetic fibers. Advantage: They are washable, some even suitable for cooking laundry, which is useful for house dust allergy sufferers. With the same thermal output, they are often lighter than down comforters. Similarly, pollutant-free natural fibers such as organic cotton or virgin wool. They ensure an unencumbered sleep.

3. The heat level: Ceilings are divided into different heat levels, usually from 1 (very light) to 5 (extra warm). For normal sleepers, the middle level can be used all year round. You are flexible with a four-season blanket. It consists of two individual blankets connected with snaps with different heat levels.

Care tip for duvets

Do not use a carpet beater or vacuum cleaner to shake off comforters - otherwise the pores in the netting may widen, allowing down and feathers to escape. Easy brushing from time to time is enough!

The perfect pillow for your sleeping position

The size: Ideal is a size of 40 x 80 cm (eg "Royal Pillow" by Centa-Star). Only then head and neck are optimally supported, while the shoulder can rest on the mattress.

The shape: The cushion should remain dimensionally stable and adapt in height. Neck pillows can help with tension.

The stuffing: feathers and down are nice and soft, but are unsuitable for fast sweating because of the heat they generate. Safe for allergy sufferers are synthetic fiber fillings as nonwoven or in flake form. For nature lovers we recommend fillings made of virgin wool or camel hair.

Sleep better than people with allergies

Use special mite and allergen-tight covers (so-called encasings) for mattresses, pillows and over-beds. They prevent contact with allergens. Mattress, pillow and duvet covers and duvets should be washable at 60 degrees.

The best winter blankets

1. For Flexible: Quilting of the all-year duvet made of down ensures an optimal distribution of the filling. 135 x 200 cm, approx. 129 €, Strauss innovation

2. For perfectionists: "Smart Temperature" regulates the climate based on your body heat Microfiber, approx. 90 €,

3. Freezing Cats: Extra warmth down duvet for high heat demand. "Mysa rose glimmer", 140 x 200 cm, about 99 €, Ikea

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