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Fresh kick: tips for hot days

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  1. That makes the summer cooler
  2. Tips for a hot day: The ultimate freshness kicks
  3. Iced drinks
  4. Day motto
  5. Fruchtalarm
  6. Great companion
  7. tingly
  8. summer rain

That makes the summer cooler

When temperatures rise, we need a quick cool down. Here are the best tricks.

Tips for a hot day : The ultimate freshness kicks

So you can regulate the heat in your home:

1. Airing in the morning and in the evening keeps hot air outside.

2. A hot water bottle of cold water will do well to the whole body overnight.

3. Disconnect electrical appliances that you are not using - then heat will not radiate.

Iced drinks

Photo above: In colorful glasses with a straw even a juice spritzer with ice cubes tastes like a cocktail.

0.3 l, set of 6 about 17 euros, impressions

Day motto

A visual tip for life : we take this message on the bedroom wall to our hearts as soon as we get up.

Made of wood, 19 x 45 cm, about 25 euros, Riverdale


Melon cools due to its high water content. Tip: Serve the fruit on matching dessert plates.

Glass, from 17 cm, 5 pcs. Set about 30 euros, impressions

Great companion

Living tip Mini fridge: The "Mini Taverna" covers the additional need for cold drinks. About the cigarette lighter of the car, she is on the move in action.

29 x 19 x 27 cm, 4 l, about 40 euros, Klarstein


For hot days : A cold foot bath with lemon stimulates the senses. Fill a small tub with cold water. Slice a lemon with the peel and add it. If that's not enough, mix a few drops of lemon oil with it.

summer rain

A jet of water in the garden brings the cycle back on tours: solar shower "Jolly".

H 235 cm, about 350 euros, Formidra

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