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Paisley pattern: Elegant look with summer factor

A bit of hippie chic stuffed? Then this dress with a colorful paisley pattern of satin and silk is the perfect companion. (about 200 euros, Joyce & Girls on impressions)
Photo: Manufacturer

This exotic-looking design looks fine and playful at the same time.

We've been in love for a while - in a paisley pattern. Time to introduce you to parts that turn our heads.

Eye-catching look

Admittedly, the paisley pattern is inconspicuous by no means. Never mind! We think fashion is also a little bit noticeable! The great thing about the paisley pattern : It is both noble and playful and offers great styling possibilities with simple companions, such as white tops or black pleated trousers.

Reunion is fun

Incidentally, the paisley pattern is not unknown. Originally from Persia, it was brought to Britain by ships through the advent of trade and the return of British soldiers from India. There, the pattern with its characteristic tapered leaf on textiles was made accessible to the rich population.

Since then, not only do we find great favor with the paisley pattern . Our favorites for this summer we have collected in our gallery for them.

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