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Virus alarm on Facebook: Do not click on this video!

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Hackers want your data

Attention! Although it looks like a harmless YouTube link, a click on it can do a lot of damage to your device. What they need to know now.

Big danger for all Facebook users: Currently, a video link circulates through the social network, which can cause great damage on PCs and mobile devices. As the British newspaper The Guardian reports, the thumbnail to the link shows a young woman in underwear and suggests that one could see "more" with just one click.

But appearances are deceptive: what looks like a harmless YouTube link turns out to be a reference to a completely different page. At first it looks like the video will play automatically, but then users will be prompted to install a Flashplayer update .

Exactly behind it hides a Trojan, which one can get oneself with only a wrong click on the hard disk. Hackers are able to spy on all the devices to which the file has been downloaded. Theft of sensitive data can be the result. In addition, the alleged video entitled "Razvy Razcan VIDEO!" shared on your own Facebook timeline without being able to delete it.

Therefore, do not click on any links where you are not sure what to expect! Become suspicious of strange video titles or supposedly sexual content right away!

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