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Federal Council decides: pill thereafter without prescription!

The pill after "Ellaone" is in the future also to get without a prescription.
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Pill afterwards

In the future, the pill is non-recipes! Following the decision of the European Medicines Committee, today the Federal Council decided on the pill afterwards . By the middle of March, it should be available in pharmacies.

So far, Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) voted vehemently against the prescription freedom of the pill afterwards . Now he even speaks out for the possible release of another drug. Good advice is mandatory, says Gröhne. " Our goal is to continue to ensure good advice for both preparations from a single source. "If this can no longer be ensured by a doctor in the future, this task must be performed by a pharmacist.

Only a year ago, that was the reason why Gröhe voted against the prescription freedom of the pill afterwards. One can not ensure that a patient at the night window can be sufficiently informed about the effects and side effects of the pill thereafter, said the Minister of Health.

How does the pill work after?

The two preparations described above postpone ovulation until the spermatozoa have died. You do not have an abortion. If the ovum has already settled in the uterus, the pill can no longer prevent pregnancy thereafter. The pill must be taken within 72 hours after sexual intercourse.