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Prince Carl Philip: designer with a heart for nature

Prince Carl Philip
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Porcelain art

Although many Swedes disapprove of their choice of heart and ex-bikini model Sofia Hellqvist (28) does not want to see anything in the palace, the image of Prince Carl Philip (34) is still undisputedly good. Why? Because the heartthrob by the way works diligently and earns its own money - as a designer.

Everything is extraordinary, what makes Carl Philip, but never overrun or lifted so high that only art-minded minorities applaud him. On the contrary, whether silver cutlery, glass, porcelain or iron burning art - his creations also appeal to the broad masses.

Now the king's son has landed a direct hit again. At the Sven-Harrys-Art Museum in Stockholm, he introduced the media to his latest work, which he created in collaboration with the illustrator Stefan H├Ârberg: small plates and tins made of porcelain, decorated with animal and plant motifs. "A digression to nature that I love so much, " the prince said at the presentation of these adorable works of art.

The insects, mosses, amphibians and ferns seen on the pieces are all on the Red List of endangered plant and animal species in Sweden. "I am proud of this idea, " said Carl Philip . "I hope to raise awareness of our environment worthy of protection."

The mini-plates and jars, according to the media representatives, can be used to store luxury frills, such as chains, rings or cufflinks, beautiful things that would otherwise be scattered around the household. Carl Philips Porcelain will be on the market in October.

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