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Hallway: Here the sun rises

Attic: hallway

A graceful wooden staircase leads to the attic - accompanied by light and very special colors.

Less is more

The hall in the attic is cut relatively narrow. So that it does not work that way, you should not overfill it - so we limited ourselves to a twin pair of showcases. For larger optical width but also ensures the extra-wide opening of the sliding door to the study.

At every turn

Pivoting spots on the dark wall in concrete look set the stairs in the right light.

Manufacturer: Stairs "Trend": Derstappen. Wall design Color recipes "Beton Art" and "North Sea beach": Alpina. Wall lights, each about 40 euros: XXXL furniture. (As of 11/10)

Bright as the day

A special daylight spotlights the hallway through a skylight. The wall painted with effect paint and spatula technique to the study throws the light back with warm golden tones.

Manufacturer: Wandgestaltung Color recipes "Gold Rush Gold" and "Silky Beige": Alpina. Illuminated display cabinets "Now No. 14 ", 153 x 6 x 70 cm, about 599 euros: Hülsta. Daylight spot by Lovegrove: Velux. Light switch: OPUS. (As of 11/10)

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