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DIY sewing instructions: So you make a cosmetic bag yourself!

When traveling she is our best friend: the cosmetic bag. With our instructions you can now sew your own bag.

You can sew this beautiful piece yourself.
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Cosmetic bags are loyal friends. They travel with us around the world, accompany us to special experiences and accommodate everything from the toothbrush to the concealer, which is really important for us. All the better so if we have a cosmetic bag with which we want to grow old together, as with this beautiful self-sewn bag. How you make the pretty piece, you'll learn in our guide.

That's what you need for the bag:

  • patterns
  • Computer, printer and paper
  • 30 cm oilcloth with floral pattern (double laid)
  • 30 cm lining material in pink (double layered)
  • 30 cm zip in pink
  • paper scissors
  • French chalk
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn

And this is how it's done:

1. Download, print and cut out the pattern (to be found under the article in the instructions).
2. Put the cut 4x in the fabric break (2x outside pocket, 2x lining), pin and draw with tailor's chalk, add 2 cm seam allowance, then cut out.
3. Sew the short corner edges together for each part, then place parts right to right and topstitch the bottom and side edges.
4. Turn both pieces of fabric back to the right.
5. Iron the upper edges of the lining 1 cm to the outside, with the outer fabric 1 cm inwards.
6. Place pieces of fabric together so that the lining is inside.
7. Place a zippered side between the folded edges, fix with needles and stitch. Repeat on the left side.
8. Seal the zipper end with a cross seam, cut back excess and lay inside.

And here it goes to download the instructions including patterns.

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