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Create beautiful moments: That's how it works!

Towards the sun: The next day also has nice surprises in store.
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For YOLO Beginners: Flirt with the Here & Now!

If it is not yet the big love: To make a living is also a lot of fun! We reveal how you can easily create many beautiful moments in life.

Do not we know each other?

Let the long forgotten little moments of happiness revive again. Play a round of "Uno". Or dissolve, um, gummy bears in water. Do not be embarrassed, just social networking is a huge trend. Every Thursday photos from the past will be posted under the motto "Throwback Thursday": little nostalgic experiences of happiness will provide you with new, beautiful moments .

Do you come here more often?

After a really nice evening everyone always says "Should we do it again soon!" And what happens? Nothing. So why not start a regulars' table so that all your loved ones come together once a month.

May I see you again?

It is said that one should not try to repeat unique moments - because they will never be as overwhelming as at the premiere. But: You can "invent" similar "wow" experiences . Instead of brunch on the lake, it's just another nice moment, like a sumptuous balcony breakfast - and instead of sunset sailing, a midnight walk. Well, go!

Tomorrow something?

Hopefully! And if not, this day has many nice surprises in store for you. Look forward to many beautiful moments !

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