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Beatrice Egli: All about her unknown past ...

Beatrice Egli already sang with Lys Assia!
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Florian Silbereisen has known the singer for a long time

She has been working for years to achieve her role model Helene.

It is so beautiful when it occurs - because you immediately think of a blooming pasture meadow: Beatrice Egli (24) from Switzerland, sweet, fresh and quite sexy. In the RTL show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" ("DSDS") she is the discovery that conquered the hearts with hitters.

But she was not really discovered until the show! Although Beatrice Egli is so young, she has already done a lot to become famous. We reveal their unknown past ...

Looking back to the year 2007: At that time, a girl with funny curls, continued jacket over black shirt in the show by Florian Silbereisen (31). As duet partner of the famous Lys Assia (89). The girl was Beatrice Egli! Because with Lys Assia she had started in the year at the "Grand Prix of Folk Music" and had won the Swiss referendum with the song "Tell me, where do the angels live". Even more: Beatrice has already released four CDs, two of them with Lys Assia.

That she was on the show at that time, she has never told on the "DSDS" stage. It was Florian Silbereisen who gave her the chance to perform in front of an audience of millions. And another thing happened on this evening in 2007: the young folk musician Beatrice got to know Helene Fischer (28). Apparently, the Beat Queen was already there as her role model. Because a little later the young folk musician sang only hits. And especially the songs of Helene Fischer helped her to the sensational success with "DSDS".

Will she now follow in Helene's footsteps? After all, Beatrice not only sings the songs of her idol, but has also quickly developed from a sweet girl to a seductive woman in sexy clothes. Like Helene Fischer once! So now also the career of the Swiss is speeding up: The finale of "DSDS" was only the beginning!

"I can not believe it. When I applied, I never thought I would reach the final, "says Beatrice Egli. Of course, everyone is happy about Beatrice's success. But she should never forget who she owes all this to: Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer.