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Breathing fresh airSports in the fresh air: What are the advantages of the body

With the summer, the season for sports of all kinds is reopened in the open air. That's good, because outdoor sports have many benefits for the body.

Outdoor fitness is not only good for your health, but also a lot of fun in a team.
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Invigorating body and mind

Anyone who does outdoor sports outdoors knows the invigorating and liberating feeling of the fresh air. Add to that the wonderful smells of nature. It smells of flowers, meadows and foliage. No comparison to the dry air, which is blown in the gym by the ventilation system around the nose. We breathe in the pure oxygen and thereby get plenty of energy for our upcoming workout.

Higher oxygen content

In closed rooms, we often have the need during sports activities to open a window. Not only because we are sweating, but also because we have an increased need for oxygen when we do sports. Our body can only be consistently efficient if it is supplied with sufficient oxygen. That's why the air in the gym sometimes seems a bit thin. in the Of course, in the open air, the oxygen content is much higher, and we have much more energy available from the fresh air we breathe and metabolize.

Wind and weather strengthen the defense

Wind and weather do not hurt us - on the contrary: if the body in addition to the athletic load in addition to external stimuli such as cold balance, he is better supplied with blood and strengthened the immune system.

Light as a mood booster

Most people sit in offices during the day. Fresh air and enough light? None. Especially the latter is extremely important for our state of mind. When doing sports in the fresh air, we get an extra portion of it. The UV rays cause the formation of vitamin D, which is responsible for the formation of calcium in the blood and is important for bone formation. In addition, light promotes the formation of serotonin. In turn, this hormone makes us feel awake and it lifts our spirits. Fatigue, listlessness and sadness can be alleviated by sufficient light - especially in winter.