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Verona Pooth: Now everything has to be okay!

Verona Pooth got her second baby
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  1. The second baby is that!
  2. Verona had to give up her dream for a long time
  3. "I am looking forward to the wonderful time at home"

The second baby is that!

From Eike Lange

Her big heart's desire has come true! At the age of 43, Verona gave birth to her long-awaited second son.

The family happiness of the Pooths is perfect again! After long months of grief, worry, setbacks and evil hostility, a sweet baby is healing the wounds of the past! Verona Pooth (43) is done, but happy. On Saturday, the 4th of June, at 11.57 clock, in the University of Cologne their greatest wish came true: a brother for San Diego (7)! The advertising icon brought the healthy Rocco Ernesto by caesarean section to the world. 53 centimeters tall, 3200 grams, blue eyes, and "he immediately laughed, " raves Papa Franjo (41). Now everything has to be okay.

Verona had to give up her dream for a long time

Review: In the year 2000 everything started so well. Verona and Franjo enjoyed their love, son San Diego in 2003 crowned the young happiness. When the two gave themselves a jubilee a year later in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, they finally became a real showpiece family. She, the popular advertising icon with a very special kind. He, the successful businessman and young millionaire. But luck did not last. In 2008, Franjo Pooth hit the headlines with millions of dollars and instead of realizing the dream of a second child, Verona had to publicly fight like a lioness for her husband ...

But that is finally over. The court records are closed, for a fresh start is just the right time. And nothing can heal the broken happiness better than a long-awaited baby! The laughter of her second son makes the long-suffering parents shine again. In the magazine Bunte she describes these feelings: "When I first held Rocco in my arms, Franjo said: 'Now our family is complete, you could not have made a better present for me.' That touched me a lot. "

"I am looking forward to the wonderful time at home"

Verona seems to realize that money and advertising contracts are not everything in life. A loving husband, healthy children and a harmonious family are much more important. Maybe that's why a longer baby break, as she happily says: "I'm just looking forward to the wonderful time with my little family in our home."

So, after the grief of the past, everything could be fine again. Because the omens for the family are good. SAT.1 astrologer Kirsten Hanser predicts a bright future for the newborn. And for the parents, his birth will change a lot. Maybe Verona and Franjo will even do that again

Yes, seal again before God her love, which had to endure so much. It would be the perfect happy ending for Verona Pooth and her husband Franjo ...

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