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Letter to the Queen: Girl allowed back to school

A letter can the queen do wonders.
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Heart's desire fulfilled

Santa Claus can pack up! A letter to the Queen (86) can do wonders. And so a little girl can finally go to school happy again.

8-year-old Jessica Compton had only one wish: she wanted to go back to school - to "her" school . After her parents divorced, Jessica had to move. The already difficult situation became unbearable for Jessica when she had to leave school. The parents tried home schooling, but the experiment went awry.

Jessica is already suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder at a young age, and the upheavals in her life made the illness worse. She was getting more and more panic attacks. A stable environment that knows how to handle this disease is extremely important.

But the parents were powerless. The school did not want her anymore. The school was full and Jessica would no longer live in the catchment area, according to the bureaucrats.

Then the saving idea. Jessica wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth asking for help. And promptly came the answer. The minister responsible would take care of it. And after a few weeks came the redeeming letter: Yes, Jessica was allowed back to school.

Mother Louise (48) told British Express that, "When Jessica received the letter from the Queen, she felt that at least someone would care for her and help her."

Incidentally, the letter was addressed to "The Queen in Buckingham Palace". Nice that the Queen is so uncomplicated to reach and shows herself again and again as Queen of the people.