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Nursery for the alert

Under the roof there is enough space for daydreaming, buffing and romping.

What do students want?

A separate realm for homework, but at the same time freedom for your free time! We fitted out the nursery with a 150-cm-wide desk and chose rolling-furniture furniture that gets out of the way when it gets high and boys with their buddies bolt on the carpet with foam ball. There is even enough room here to practice skating tricks.

Manufacturer: Carpet with inlaid "Interland", about 40 euros / sqm: Tretford. Desk, swivel chair, wall board "now! No. 10 ", approx. 420 Euro, 300 Euro and 70 Euro, Coffeetable" EO 12 ", approx. 320 Euro, wallboard" Namic ": Now by Hülsta. Faltrollo "Luxafl ex": Teba. Curtain fabric "Peep": Gardisette. Wall Paint "Imagine", W202: Beautiful Living Color. Lamp, backpack "East Pack", clock, radio cassette recorder, trash, clothes, shoes, games, planter, globe, magnetic strips: Dodenhof. (As of 10/09)

Better keep your distance

So that the heating air can circulate unhindered, the desk is not directly on the wall. Since the spacious worktop is 70 cm deep, nothing falls down so easily backwards.

Great to rave

Free space in the middle of the room, because toys, school supplies and clothes stowed the shelving system. Since it was not specially designed for children, it easily accompanies them to the dorm.

Extra bed for friends

The blue niche is the ideal retreat to "hang out" undisturbed. Even better: If a friend wants to stay overnight, the bed box is pulled out with the mattress.

Manufacturer: Lamp, about 50 €, globe, about 49 €, pen holders, pens, writing utensils: Dodenhof. Radiator: Viebrockhaus. Shelving system "now! No. 10 ": Now by Hülsta. Carpeting "Interland": Tretford. Mikado, about 10 euros, sports bag, scooter "BigWheel", about 65 euros, skateboard, football, baskets, folders: Dodenhof. Bed "Namic": Hülsta. Wall Paint "Imagine" No. Z508: Beautiful Living Color. Spotlight "Lirio", bed linen, pillows, plaid: Dodenhof. (As of 10/09)

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