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Princess Eugenie: All Mama

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenie - unmistakably mother and daughter.
Photo: WireImage

Stunning similarity

The similarity is astonishing: When Princess Eugenie (23) and her mother Sarah Ferguson (53) joined the Novak Djokovic Foundation Gala, it was obvious that the team was both mother and daughter.

In contrast to Princess Beatrice (24), who has a rather narrow face, Eugenie comes after the mum. Also the eye area is mother Sarah cut like from the face.

Trendy, however, Princess Eugenie is now breaking new ground. She made headlines with unconventional fashion for years, just like her mother, so Eugenie has recently preferred a simple and elegant style.

While Sarah Ferguson struggled with her weight again and again, her girls have it easier. Beatrice recently appeared slim and slim and although Eugenie is not a stick in the landscape, she seems to be able to control her body shape better than her mother.

Of course, both princesses are just as committed to the cause as mum. They do it just right: you take the good things with you, you refrain from the bad habits - just fine!

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