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Natural sleep aid sleep problems? That could be the solution

Counting sheep, opening windows, turning around again, running televisions, closing windows again - if you have problems sleeping, you probably know that. There are many tips to help you fall asleep, but really, nothing really wants to do it - or ?!

Finally sleep well again - that could be the solution ...
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Good sleep is not only important to make you feel good the next day and easy to get out of bed, but also so that you can use the day independently, exactly as you wish. Being productive while suffering from sleep deprivation is quite difficult. What can help: .

This is (as strange as it sounds) a sleeping draft. The content of the small vial is completely natural and harmless.

These ingredients are in the sleep drink

  • Natural melatonin (controls the day-night rhythm of our body)
  • passionflower
  • balm
  • sour cherry
  • hop
  • agave

How can he help falling asleep?

Melatonin is a natural messenger substance of our body and controls the day-night rhythm. If the melatonin balance is regulated, it is easier for our body to understand when it is time to sleep and when to wake up. This shortens the sleep time and our night is more restful.

In addition to other ingredients that rely on whole plant power, sleep drink contains a lot of melatonin, which can help us with sleep problems.

Self-test: This is how the drink works

A juice to fall asleep? I'm skeptical of how the whole thing should work, but I'm curious. Half an hour before I go to sleep, I drink a vial. My first impression: The juice is really delicious and tastes great especially for cherry. After I go to bed, I quickly get drowsy and really feel asleep faster than usual. As a precaution, I've set myself a few more alarm clocks than usual for the next morning - a good idea, as I quickly realize, because mine Sleep is really deep and it takes me a little longer than usual to wake up. But when I'm sitting in the subway, I realize that I'm actually more rested than on other days. So a positive surprise - and the drinks will certainly find a place in the suitcase for my next flight to be able to fight against jetlag in the future.

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Sleep Ink
Sleep faster and be less tired in the morning - sleep drinks like Sleep.Ink can help.

This can also help you fall asleep

If your sleep problems are more due to the external circumstances, it is important to find a solution so that you can finally settle down. Light and noise can be rather annoying here. Here (quite classic) helps a sleep mask and ear plugs. While many sleep masks are not particularly comfortable and press on the eyes, there are other models that allow absolutely no light and yet are ergonomically shaped.

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