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Breast Cancer Screening "Touch Your Tits": Dare daring video tutorial to the chest

Behind the provocative title "Touch Your Tits" hides no instructions for masturbation, but to the chest feel. In the beautifully staged video you will learn how to scan your breast correctly to detect breast cancer early.

In the video, "Touch Your Tits, " you'll see how you can scan your chest to detect breast cancer early.
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"Touch Your Tits" video makes reconnaissance different

Enlightenment does not have to be stuffy - as two Britons prove with the video "Touch Your Tits" . Filmmaker Mae Ryan and journalist Mona Chalabi manage to revive an important but almost forgotten topic with their video tutorial on the chest . They made a powerful video showing women of different looks and age looking at your chest for knots.

The clip captivates by the combination of harmonic colors and cool music. The most impressive, but definitely the charismatic and courageous women : In choreographic movements, they show how the breast is scanned correctly - and sometimes even topless.

Chest breast in everyday life

The clip also clarifies the situations in which you can do the exam. Sampling under the shower, for example, is a great way to integrate breast cancer screening into everyday life .

Independent breast cancer prevention is important

Checking the breast regularly for changes is one of the best options for breast cancer screening . It is all the more important to have a clear guide explaining step-by-step how the scanning works. The creators of "Touch Your Tits" have managed to create an aesthetic and detailed guide that is anything but boring. But convince yourself but the best of the video:

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