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Not just beige! Styling tips for women over 40

Women over 40 tend to mediocrity. Dress code consultant Sabina Wachtel finds that so terrible that she now whirls up all styling myths for women.

Women over 40 need to hide - instead they are allowed to shine properly!
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Your tip: let it crack!

Styling Tips: Forget the mediocrity! Always!

"I have the vision of all the women over forty who feel good, even though or just because they are over forty, they crack it when they feel like it, they reinvent themselves whenever they see fit, they are Inspired and inspiring, noble as gold, as sleek as a 911. We women over forty sparkle, we are always looking for the special, but luckily our search does not lead too far away, because we always find something special in ourselves! "

The Frankfurt dress code consultant Sabina Wachtel has had enough of women who seem to turn gray on her 40th birthday. That's why she wrote a book entitled "Goldschnitte", o-ton: "For all women who want to shoot with 40 plus not yet." Includes: Dating tips, cooking tips and styling tips for women who DO NOT want to run around as a gray mouse from their 40th birthday. Here are some of them:

Sabina Wachtel says, "What's really weird is that we're forced to go down in forty plus mediocrity - mid-length skirts, medium-length hair, mid-length fingernails, medium-length coats ... not far to the middle ear infection, I always say. After all, the forty-plus-woman should ignore her! My message is: throwing back your hair, shoulders straight, looking ahead and accelerating! "

Sabina Wachtel cleans up with styling myths : beige, gray and yolk-yellow do not have to be real!

Because of long hair is prohibited!

We could become bombardment monsters. If we can not be persuaded that we need this sassy, ​​practical short haircut or the 'old blond'. Both should allegedly make younger immediately. If you have beautiful, long hair, please continue to wear it! Do not let yourself get out of your (hair) concept. We do not become younger through a haircut or a hair color, let alone over the hair length. If we let ourselves be confused by such a thing, then it will not be long before eating on wheels. Do it the way you want it. Long, short, wavy, smooth, new color, no color. But please, please do not: Never wear two braids. Here the friendship stops.

No, blond does not make you younger!

He is a phenomenon of this blond mania, I like to call him the Ute-Ohoven-tone, yolk-head or old-blond. Blond supposedly makes you young. And that's why so many people from the age of 40 want to get blonde. But Ms. Natur unfortunately did not put that sexy blond in the cradle, which is why so few really look good with it. Forty-plus-women turn gray first, then yolk blond and invisible a little later! If you still do not want to be dissuaded from the "erblonden", because you feel so comfortable, then cut out photos of Dolly Parton or Heino and Hannelore and tell the barber: "Such a color by no means." The opposite but it does not work either. Pitch black - that's only possible if you call Cher.

Beauty Management! Ridiculous?

Those were still times when the word beauty farm came out big. Now we have to do it ourselves. But do not panic. But it is important to know that caviar cream with gold will never have the same value as, for example, hair dye. And that we know what we do. Actually quite simple - too much of the good is counterproductive and makes you old. Nothing at all? It does not work! At the age of twenty we did not even put out the garbage without make-up and now we sometimes shiver quite a bit. The gold cuts not only takes up space and time for shoes, but also for a foundation and some mascara . And: a red lipstick always makes a slim foot. Easy! So please!

Watch out for your eyebrows!

Eyebrows are a real indication of age. Look at the women over forty on the eyebrows. Do that. Hardly anyone gets this game under control. Plucked, uncontrolled hairs, funny colors or nothing at all. That's corrosive. Really invest a few euros here! At least occasionally let your eyebrows pluck from the pro so that they, the eyebrows, and YOU stay in the lane. We really have enough already around the ears! At least we are upset about one less thing.

(Flash) colors are not taboo.

At the age of beige Beige is the new black, and then it is only a stone's throw to the beige anorak and the health shoes. Anyone who has already loved bright colors with twenty knows how bright seventy works. Do not make a fool of yourself. If you always liked colors, then it should stay that way. Better to go wrong than to buy the beige anorak. If necessary, it also colorful shoelaces or squeaky green stockings. In detail lies the seasoning.

Only cashmere and silk! On the contrary!

Only 1a quality is good and nice, but not always feasible. Of everything only the best, say the dearest, in terms of clothes is wrong. The mix does it. H & M and their co-workers supply the basics, which are not, as often claimed, after a single wash at the seams fly. T-shirts, pants, coats, tank tops - super cheap are absolutely fine. A crisp jeans, plus a great oversize sweater always go. Cheap to combine with expensive, or generally cheap clothes to look expensive is the art that has to be mastered. Keep your eyes open everywhere. Creativity is needed. And really dare something. A great cheap shirt, which may only be one season. Take and try.

Belts and shoes should be the same color. Not correct!

At a certain age, forty, the belt is no longer in the same color as the shoes. A no go. So like an orange belt to brown boots or the black belt, to red, green, blue, etc. shoes. Very stylish: to match the color of the belt with the color of the bag. Something for a second look, but in effect enormous. Just like the colored laces!

Pay attention to high quality shoes and bags.

... but only buy what causes a gasp breathing! With that one borders already properly. With hammer shoes, a really good bag you look good in jeans and a T-shirt, a blouse, a sweater. Conversely, it does not work. By the way, you can upgrade a lot with fancy buttons. Since you can make some 08/15-coat to a feast for the eyes.

A woman - a label.

Cute for young girls, for forty-something completely wrong: handbag, make-up, purse, everything from the same label. Did something of: I have all the insurance needed.

Short skirts and Co.

The top dog among the secret questions from women over 40 is: "Is that still possible?" Just do it! It is important that you look well-groomed, smell delicious and have a smart head on the neck. But do not spill, paddle! We wear the short skirts when we feel like it, wearing shorts and boots and cleavage - maybe not all at the same time, but then, if not, without batting an eyelid.

Better to invest in the hairstyle than in jewelry.

Another mistake. Crap, where we could perhaps afford the jewelry right now. From forty - unfortunately, unfortunately - that is rather counterproductive and too much makes us look pretty old. What does not work is the scattered look: here the bracelet, there a narrow ring, or even worse, one finger per finger, then chain, watch and large creoles. That seems helpless. In general: Better two well-placed eye-catchers (like in the swanky version) than everywhere so a bit. Better a fat ring than four filigree ones. Better to have a pound of bangles on one arm than two slender sausages that are staggering around sadly. And by the way - a woman who does not wear any jewelry looks mysterious and self-confident. This is noticeable.

The clock - a metaphor for a lot: Goldcuts think big!

What was the bangle yesterday is now the watch. But not the petite ladies watch. The makes forty rather less ago. A woman with a really good men's watch on her arm is unbeatable. This radiates something of casual strength and is always in vogue. But what of!

Sneakers ruin any outfit.

How untrue! No! Sneakers are an upgrader par excellence! If nothing else works, then still go the shrill sneakers in all colors, which spice up every outfit. And women over forty in sneakers are sexy, do not ask why. Believe me. Pay attention to it. They are certainly not a sign of "I do not pay attention to my appearance" - the opposite is true. Sneakers are the metaphor for cool, day and night, casual and high fashion, Frankfurt and New York. And never let the Chucks finish you off. They always go, always, always.

The ultra styling tip for gold cuts: Cultivate instead of conceal

And yes, doubts, even from 40 is absolutely fine, but has less to do with the age, than with the daily form. What looks good today just can not work tomorrow. But you already have that problem when you're younger. A rule that far too few women make use of: Women aged forty or more can now carry quite a bit, no matter if expensive, cheap, which they used to lure no one behind the stove - a sweatshirt now looks quite casual to us, and with red Lipstick, a leather jacket, a jeans and a men's shirt, we are first division anyway! We do not have to hide permanently, not necessary. We prefer to cultivate.

Mit Farbe und Stil, bitte, meine Damen! Sabrina Wachtel gibt in ihrem Buch
With color and style, please, ladies! Sabrina Wachtel gives styling tips for women over 40 in her book "Goldschnitte".
Photo: Diana Verlag

With a list of benefits and things we can only enjoy forty plus plus, distinctive dating rules, the top tips for those who still do not care about cooking, a golden handbag cheat sheet and lots of "dos" and "Don'ts": ISBN: 978-3-453-28525-5 | Diana publishing house

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