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These Zara shoes defended their feet

Zara sandals burned Elsa's feet
Photo: Istock

For Elsa, the day ended in Zara shoes with open wounds on her feet. The shoes burned their skin.

Elsa Sarmiento from Seville fared like thousands of women: she bought shoes from Spanish fashion chain Zara and after she had worn them, her feet were actually a case for a doctor. The fact that you run bubbles or even posture damage in cheap shoes, so is relatively normal. Elsa's feet were literally corroded by a pair of Zara shoes.

After Elsa had been wearing the shoes for a while and her feet were sweating, the upper part of her skin became etched into her skin. She complained immediately about the 40 expensive shoes at Zara.

The management of the Spanish fashion chain advised all buyers to return the shoes or bring them to the store. According to an investigation, Elsa is allegedly an isolated case. She was even the 40 euros for the shoes not refunded.