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Saskia Valencia: "I was often lonely in my relationship

She is a strong woman. Saskia Valencia knows what she wants.
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For the first time since the breakup, she now talks about the real reasons for the love out.

When love breaks, it's always like a little death. But Saskia Valencia (47) knows that sometimes you have to draw a line. With us, Saskia Valencia speaks openly about her broken relationship with Helmut Zierl (57), career issues and what she desires. She has been single for 6 months. Saskia Valencia spoke to us about her feelings ...

What's it like to be on stage together with your ex-boyfriend Helmut Zierl?

Saskia Valecia: Nice. We still get on well and like to go to the theater bar for a drink after the show.

If you get along that well, why did you split up after ten years?

We simply have different ideas of life. I was often lonely in my relationship. Especially the year I shot "Red Roses" . I was often alone and had a lot of time to think. I realized a lot about that. Helmut and I see many things just fundamentally different.

Did not you notice that earlier?

In the beginning you are in love, and of course you change over the years. Even if our time together was very nice, at some point you have to get back on your senses and draw conclusions if things do not continue.

Have you always been so consistent?

In life, it's really important to be satisfied. You should always worry about that. And I feel, as it is now, very well. Every phase in life has something in it for itself. And the phase in which I am now coming, will bring also beautiful. You just have to dare to take the first step.

Are you focusing more on your career now?

This is not so easy. I sat at the job center last week and said: I can do anything, even a journalist or real estate broker, but the market looks bad. Not just for actors. In Germany, only about twelve major films are shot each year. It's easy enough to figure out how many actresses are needed for that.

So you stay at the theater, maybe continue with Helmut Zierl?

I think that would be very nice. I am grateful for every engagement. However, I do not know yet if I will be back on stage with Helmut. It's in conversation, but I think he suffers more from our separation than me.

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