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A unique photograph and its enchanting story

Sierra Sharry with the six-month Taos in his arms - and the deceased father watching over him
Photo: Facebook (Kayli Rene Photography)
  1. How a photo brings a person to life
  2. Lane Smith (l.) And Sons. Taos (r.) Have never met
  3. Sierra and Lane in April 2014 - three months before his death

How a photo brings a person to life

Sierra Sharry was eight months pregnant when her boyfriend Lane Smith tragically died in a boat accident. "July 13, 2014 was the worst day of my life. Since then I felt so empty, "says Sierra. Then she had herself photographed.

It was a warm Sunday, which produced this icy cold in the 20-year-olds. "I loved this man above all else. I lost my best friend with the death of Lane. The father, my unborn child. " Only a few weeks after Lane's death, Taos was born.

Half a year later Sierra took pictures with her little son Taos. Only the deceased father of the smiling baby was missing. Until Sierra together with the photographer Kayli Rene came up with the idea to immortalise the deceased in the photo . "I wanted to take a family photo for my son, that shows him that even if he grows up without a father, he still looks down on him and looks out for him, " Sierra explains her decision. "I wanted our little family to be united in at least one photo ."

Lane Smith (l.) And Sonny Taos (r.) Have never met

Posted by Sierra Sharry on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So the photographer went to work on the image - and brought Lane back to life in the photo. "When I saw the photo for the first time, I immediately started crying, " says Sharry. "I never thought I would ever see each other together." Sharry posted the photo on Facebook in early April, for which the Oklahomeri reaped hundreds of thousands of likes within days. Thousands of people now give courage to the single mother, express her condolences - and make it equal to her. "I am so incredibly thankful for this sympathy, " says Sharry. Her son will probably be soon too - for the meeting with his father, whom he was never allowed to meet.

Sierra and Lane in April 2014 - three months before his death

Posted by Sierra Sharry on Saturday, April 19, 2014

"I know Lane looks down on us. And I know that he takes care of our little Taos and is really proud of him, "says Sharry . "Just as I'm proud to be the mother of Lanes's son."