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More fecal bacteria in beards than in toilets

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Traces of manure in beards

A study proves: There are more bacteria in the man's beard than in the toilet - including traces of feces. More about disgusting results.

Man wears beard - a beard to be exact. If you do not have one today, you probably have one tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or never?! Microbiologists now want to find out that there are more bacteria in the man's beard than in the toilet.

John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics of New Mexico has taken a closer look at the beards of several volunteers. The result: terrifying. In some beards Golobic found more bacteria than in the toilet, including traces of feces. "I'm usually not surprised, but that's what I was, " says Golobic.

Positive aftertaste: The bacteria, which are also in faeces, can not transmit diseases. But the question of how they get into the beard remains.

Beard is trendy. And with him these two rules of beard care: regular brushing of the beard and washing of the hands.