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6 things that make us unhappy without us noticing

Stop living in the past! That makes you happier.
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These habits should leave you in the future

There are some things that hurt our mood without us realizing it. We show who they are and how you can handle them.

Impossible to always run around with a permanent grin. We just do not have a good mood at all times, we are not always happy and satisfied. But it would be nice if we knew how we could feel better often, right? If you put off these habits in the future, it might work. Because it is exactly these six things that make us unhappy without us realizing it.

1. Constantly compare with others

Whether it's the outfit, the figure or the job performance, we tend to compare ourselves to others. The result: we tend to feel inadequate and dissatisfied because, in our opinion, we can not keep up with the others. Get rid of it! Stop comparing with others - no matter what the details are. On the one hand, because you do not know which worries and thoughts might haunt the other person and, on the other hand, because you as a human are unique and therefore never 100 percent comparable to other people.

2. Live in the past

"What would have happened if ..." - how many times have we all started sentences with exactly these five words and then felt anything but good. To deal with things that have long been in the past, bring in the long run anyone. If a lesson has been learned, it is over with the brooding. Look better forward and do not spend more than necessary with the past. Because as far as we know, we still can not travel back and change it.

3. Can not forgive

It takes a lot of energy when we are angry with someone for a long time. Especially strong emotions like hatred can claim all our energy. Try to look at the problem from another angle until they find a way to forgive. This does not mean that you automatically forget too. But you'll see the load off your shoulders when you separate yourself from unwanted negative emotions.

4. Just give up

There are moments in life that make it easier for us to go the safe path. But this does not necessarily have to be the path that makes us happy. Actually, in most situations, we know pretty much what we want. How many times have you decided against a wish or a dream because you were afraid of what would happen then? Stop it! The more often we choose to pursue our dreams and not forget them, the easier it is for us to let the past rest.

5. Let his mood be determined by others

Whether it's the man who jostled you on the way to work in the morning (he certainly did that on purpose!) Or the saleswoman who mocks us at the checkout because we forgot to weigh the fruit - all these people and situations can negatively affect our mood. This is how a wonderful day turns into the worst day of the week without us doing anything for it. But this can only happen if we let it happen to us and give outsiders the opportunity to influence our mood. The best thing still helps: keep smiling. If you then still a "I wish you a wonderful day, " the Grummler do not know how they happen. Betting? Otherwise, also applies here: Who does not want, he already has.

6. Do not give

We know that when we see the grateful smile on our best friend's face, when we make our way to her in the middle of the night, that's what really makes us happy. Helping and being there for the people we love makes our lives worth living and special. Giving is satisfying and because it applies to all people, we too will not be forgotten.

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