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Rape: Anna Lee Gruenwald posts courage video

Anna Lee Gruenwald was repeatedly abused and raped. Now she is resisting with a video.
Photo: Facebook / Anna Lee Gruenwald

Anna Lee Gruenwald was abused by the stepfather

Anna Lee Gruenwald was raped several times. She became depressed and injured herself. Now she is defending herself with a video.

The story of Anna Lee Gruenwald is cruel. The young American woman was repeatedly raped and abused. As a small child from the mother's friend, later also from a classmate.

"He came into my room at night and abused me, I did not know then that it was wrong, he said it was his way of showing me he loved me." For example, Anna Lee reports in a video about the rape that she publicly posted on her Facebook profile on January 20.

Among them she writes: "I have made this video for people who are struggling with the same problem as I. I want them to know that it will get better again if they manage to stay strong, you are not alone, it is there will always be someone for you! "

Post by Anna Lee Gruenwald.

Anna Lee herself took a long time to stand up to what happened to her. For a long time she was too ashamed and thought it was her fault. She got depressed and scribed her own skin to process the emotional pain. At school, she was teased by her classmates, who considered her strange.

One day, Anna Lee broke her silence and confessed to her mother what had happened to her. This was fully up to her daughter. When Anna Lee was later raped by one of her classmates, her mother rescued her and took a picture of the boy.

It took a lot of time, but today Anna Lee has processed her bad experiences and says of herself: "Thanks to my long therapy and the strong support from my family, today I can say again: I am happy."

The hope and the joie de vivre that she has found again, she now wants to pass on to other people who are also in a desperate situation: " Even if I get only negative comments for this video - if I help so only one person could, it was worth it. "

What a strong, young woman, we are very impressed!


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