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Wedding: This dad is doing something incredible for his daughter

At the wedding of his daughter, the father makes no speech

The wedding is a very special day not only for the bride and groom, but also for the parents. The father hands over his daughter to a man who was once a small child and now begins a new life of his own. Also at this wedding, the father of the bride uses the moment to give his daughter a personal message on the way.

But contrary to all expectations, no speech begins when the bride's father rises from his place. It is very quiet in the hall before he does something incredible for his daughter. Because what follows is better than any speech, it is a personal gift to his child. Music sounds and the father starts to sing. But it's not the voice that makes the song so special, it's his gestures.

The father accompanies his song with sign language. He wishes his daughter only the best with his hands, in a language that means a lot to her, because the bride is a deaf-interpreter. It is probably the most personal declaration of love that a father can make to his child on the day of the wedding . As soon as he learned of the engagement, he put all his effort into the sign language, which he quickly learned for the bride. He shows her how proud he is of his daughter and her work.

While his daughter gets wet eyes after the first few gestures, the groom is moved to tears shortly afterwards. The proud father sings about the happiness that he wishes the couple and translates his words in sign language at the same time. This incredible performance replaces any wedding speech because it shows how important his daughter's life is to him.

At the wedding of his daughter he refuses to give a speech. But instead, the father does something incredible that moves the bridal couple to tears.