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Squirrel alarm Karlsruhe: Man is pursued by squirrels and calls the police

It was a somewhat unusual case for the police in Karlsruhe: At 8 o'clock on Thursday morning, a man called the police and said he was being followed by a squirrel. In the end, however, everything went well.

This little squirrel was following a man in Karlsruhe. Now it is on a rescue station, where it is well cared for.
Photo: iStock

In search of a new home, a squirrel had chosen a man on Thursday morning in the Erzbergerstraße in Karlsruhe and persecuted him persistently. Somewhat confused, he called the police, who also acted immediately. When the patrol car arrived, the little animal still ran after the man.

The police themselves were enthusiastic about the squirrel, which emerges from the protocol: " Squirrel is a new mascot, was dipped in the name: Karl-Friedrich." "Karl-Friedrich" was taken into the area, where you immediately at one Accommodation tried. Meanwhile, the squirrel had become quite tired from the trip or the chase : "The squirrel fell asleep because of the horror." Meanwhile, the animal has reached a rescue station and is well looked after there.

Eichhörnchen ist müde und erschöpft.
After the capture campaign, the squirrel, who was christened "Karl-Friedrich", fell asleep from exhaustion.
Photo: iStock

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