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Pregnant mannequins in Venezuela cause horror

Pregnant teenagers are not uncommon in Venezuela even outside the shop window.
Photo: Getty Images

Action demands attention for teenage pregnancies

The sight of the mannequins in a Venezuelan shopping center scents some visitors quite irritated: The female mannequins wore not only Schulmädchenunifom, but also Babybauch.

At first glance, everything looks completely normal: the mannequins are wearing the typical blue school uniforms that are known to young people in the area. What makes passers-by stop in a shopping center in Caracas are the bellies of the girls - because they are shockingly round.

No, no label has allowed a marketing gag here to attract attention. Behind the scandal mannequins are two local organizations that point to the alarming number of teenage pregnancies in Venezuela .

And rightly so: According to latest figures every three minutes a girl between 15 and 19 years pregnant in Venezuela - 23 percent of all Venezuelan newborns have mothers from this age group. The main culprit is the taboo of the topic.

Exactly this can also be read by the split reactions in the shopping mall: Complaints about the shop window are more than enough. It remains to be hoped that the same energy will be put into a better sexual education in the future.