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Cozy setupNot without my sofa cover: 3 reasons why we love this accessory

We love our sofa cover! We reveal why and which three favorite models may move into the Wunderweib editorial!

A day without a cozy sofa cover? Not with us!
Photo: iStock / The most beautiful sofa covers to buy
  1. 1. A sofa cover warms you
  2. 2. It hides old sins
  3. 3. A sofa cover is a design element

Actually, we just wanted to drive to Ikea for a short time to change the shower curtain, which does not fit properly. Actually. But who does not know? At the end we are standing there with two blue bags full of picture frames, candles and a new watering can. Weil: Accessories always go somehow. Guilty conscience? Untitled!

Because these small, fine accessories make our home more comfortable and set new accents without us having to invest completely in a new facility. Especially on days when we do not want to leave home, they increase our feel-good factor. And what makes it feel particularly good? With a new cuddly sofa cover .

That's why we present you with three reasons why you should buy a high-quality sofa cover today. Our favorites? Do you find here:

WUNDERWEIB sofa blanket

1. A sofa cover warms you

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Freshly separated, frostbite or just bad menstrual pain? A sofa cover will catch you when you feel the worst . What's better than taking a cuddly blanket on a rainy day on the couch, wrapping yourself tightly in it and watching five episodes of your favorite series in a row? Right, nothing really!

The most important thing about a sofa cover is of course that it is as comfortable as possible and keeps you warm . All this is ensured by a good material of the ceiling. We recommend textiles made of cotton and cashmere, which nestle pleasantly against your body and will never let you get up from the sofa again.

But beware: Study the care instructions of your new favorite blanket. Especially in crisis situations she will surely be confronted with one or the other portion of chocolate ice cream ...

Here you can order a cuddly sofa cover - without leaving the house:

WUNDERWEIB sofa ceiling-light blue

2. It hides old sins

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A post shared by MONOQI (@monoqi) on Oct 2, 2017 at 8:19 PDT

Granted, your style may have been a bit more special ten years ago. The pink couch does not quite match the noble look that you have missed your apartment with increasing age and taste. Actually, it would be time for a major overhaul. But if you just do not have the money to invest in a new designer couch, you can easily make your decorating sins disappear with a cool sofa cover. As? Throw the blanket over the entire sofa and you'll have a new look!

Which is also very convenient: Unsightly stains - whether by nail polish or Babysabber - can be perfectly hide with a sofa cover. Simply arrange the blanket loosely on the scene of the accident and the adversity is already forgotten.

With this sofa cover your couch will look like new again soon:

WUNDERWEIB sofa blanket checkered

3. A sofa cover is a design element

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A post shared by MONOQI (@monoqi) on Nov 26, 2017 at 5:18 PST

Sure, the obvious things we would have clarified now. A sofa cover is cozy and practical. But one thing you must not forget: A sofa cover is also a piece of art !

If your couch is a bit boring at home in its simplicity, you can transform it into a statement piece with a sofa cover with colorful patterns and colors. Meanwhile, there are also sofa blankets with funky art prints that bring more color into your home and your life immediately. A real eye-catcher!

Here you can order a special sofa cover with Art-Print:

WUNDERWEIB sofa blanket-Hocko

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