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Girl talks about eating disorder: Thank you mom!

Thanks to her mother, Lexi can now speak openly about her eating disorder.
Photo: Screenshot / American Greetings

Thanks Mom: The way out of the eating disorder

Today she talks openly about her eating disorder. For that, the girl especially thanks her mother. Your way out of the eating disorder goes to your heart!

Just say "thank you". That would make the action "ThankList" possible and call people to thank special people. Who has brought us further in our lives? Acknowledgment of the action is particularly to the heart. It's the young woman named Lexi. The girl talks openly about her eating disorder in the video. She thanks her mother in particular, who accompanied her through the difficult time.

The bond between mother and child is a very special one. Parents often notice it in front of the children themselves when something is wrong. As much as a child may try to hide something from the mother, at some point she will feel it.

Lexis mother has noticed for some time that her girl is a bit oppressed. But the certainty comes only with the discovery of diet pills. Why does her so thin daughter need appetite suppressants?

Lexi always wanted to be perfect. This soon affects your body awareness. The girl is suffering from an eating disorder. Admitting to having a problem with your eating habits and body awareness is a long way off.

Today's ideal of beauty still does not correspond to reality. More and more people are being influenced by skim models in the media. Mostly it's only the children themselves who take themselves as they are, as a video proved. All the more important are destinies like these that shake up the world of perfectionism. Lexi shares her story. About the ThankList the girl says "Thank you mom" and speaks openly about her eating disorder. On her blog, she shares what she has learned from her own body problems. "It's just a body" is probably one of the wisest statements that she shares in an article about the body image.

She has learned many of the wisdoms from her mother. The video gives us a sense of wanting to thank you as quickly as possible for the precious people in our lives.