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Will Dieter Bohlen marry his Carina?

Great love?

Many critics would not have thought that: But yes, TV star Dieter Bohlen (57) can be nice and even charming! He proved that now. He speaks lovingly about girlfriend Carina (27).

In an interview with the "Bunte", the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" -Juror says, "We've been totally happy for six years, we have one child (the girl will be in March 1, editor's note) - nothing more. How can I say that happiness that I feel with Carina is hard to put into words. I really wish that to everyone! " According to her, the pop-titan Dieter Bohlen had to look a long time. To be honest, hardly anyone had given the disco love of Mallorca a chance in 2006. But the feelings became stronger. And? Will Dieter Bohlen marry for the third time ? His answer: "With Trauschein or without - that does not matter! We get along great, and I hope that stays that way until I am saved. Sure, it makes me more relaxed. " And he admits openly: " In the past, there was always something smoldering in the background. If I were dissatisfied now, God would slap me. "

Pop Titan Dieter Bohlen was born Dieter Gunter Bohlen on February 7, 1954 in Berne, Lower Saxony. Today he is a musician, producer and songwriter with many successes! >> Click here for his biography!