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Impressive video: One-year-old girl is a true snowboard professional

A true exceptional talent: At just one year Ava Marie is already a true snowboard pro.
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Awesome Talents HD

Ava Marie's big performance

Skillfully, the little girl glides down the piste in her video on her snowboard. The surprising: Snowboarder Ava Marie is only one year old.

Little Ava Marie shines all over her face as she heats down the slopes on her snowboard. Why not? After all, the girl is a real talent. At their age, other children just start learning how to walk, if at all.

Ava Marie is not only safe on a snowboard with only one year, but also drives like a real pro. Bumps on the slopes are no problem for the sweet little one. She knows how to move her body so as not to lose her balance.

That the snowboarding talent is only one year old, we can only see when Ava Marie's face appears very close in front of the camera. If she makes the track in her cute pink snowsuit unsafe, the little girl goes smoothly for one of the greats.

We are so passionate about so much talent and you certainly too. Here below you can convince yourself of Ava Marie's snowboarding skills.