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Arrangement of different picture frames

  • Cardboard picture frame blank (craft shop, about 2 euros)
  • Old wooden picture frame
  • Acrylic in Lindgr n and Violet (craft shop)
  • brush
  • 3 small paper frames in silver (z.

      From la mesa home accessories; Piece about 3 euros)
    • Scrapbooking paper with nostalgic motifs (eg from RICO Design, Art 7007.009, craft shop)
    • Glue stick (eg from Pritt, craft shop)
    • Gray construction paper (craft shop)
    • Paper cutters from the roll (craft shop)
    • 3 picture frames made of embossed white paper (eg Langasj√∂ from IKEA, 2 pieces 10 x 15 cm 3.99 Euro)
    • Black and white postcards with floral motifs (eg from IKEA)
    • scissors

    1. Paint the cardboard picture frame in lime green. Let dry.

    2. Paint the wooden picture frame in light purple. Let dry.

    3. Fill the small silver-colored paper frames with nostalgic motifs that are cut out of the scrapbooking paper. Fix motifs with a little glue.

    4. Insert gray paper into the cardboard and wooden picture frames. Stick on paper cut motives, partly overlapping the edges.

    5. Fill frame of white embossed paper with black and white cards.

    6. Arrange pictures on the wall.

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