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Laundry room

Simply practical: There is enough space for technology and supplies here.

In summary, washing machines and dryers require less space.

Photo: Living idea

The utility room is even deep enough for the ironing board - unbeatable in practical terms. In the yellow boxes the heart beats the house engineering.

Storage Space miracle

The entire building services including the heat pump is integrated on the only five square meters. Nevertheless, there is room for kicking and brooming, and stockpiling is also not too short.


Faltstores are not only specialized in privacy screens. The left works by "air chambers" in its honeycomb-like structure heat-insulating and the green by its Teflon coating dirt-repellent.

Manufacturer: laundry tower, ironing board, iron, about 20 euros, basket, about 20 euros: Dodenhof. Faltstoreanlage "VS2, fabric no. 3355", Duo Tone Fixe, light yellow: Teba. Floor tile "Paper Moods", 40 x 40 cm, approx. 45 Euro / sqm: Villeroy & Boch. Wall Paint "Imagine", R 402: Beautiful Living Color. Storage shelf, supplies, ironing board, about 25 euros, ladder, about 40 euros, watering can, about 16 euros, basket, about 35 euros, brooms, about 10 euros: Dodenhof. Faltrollo "VS2": Teba. Flooring "Paper Moods": Villeroy & Boch. Folding Stores: Teba. (As of 10/2009)