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Knitting Tutorial: How to knit a fashionable stole with ajour pattern

Flatters the figure and is so nice cuddly: We have a guide for a fashionable knit stole.

You can easily knit this stole with ajour pattern yourself
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need:

  • Lana Grossa "Stellina" 550 g (Fb. 3)
  • 250 g of paper 19
  • 1 circular needle No. 6, 100 cm long
  • 1 crochet hook no. 6 for pulling in the fringes

That's how it works:

Paternand over 3 sts each: after knitting A str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R. The number li on the outside indicates the reverse R read off in reverse. In the width the ever 3 M beids. between the arrows at the R beginning or R end str. The dots in between indicate only the intervening R. At the height the 1st - 3rd R 1 x str., Then the 2nd and 3rd R always wdh.

Ajourmuster: After Knitting B str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R. In the back-R. the sts. as they appear, the sts.

Click here to download the manual.

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