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Styling tips: how to combine nude tones

Nude blouse with dark blue embroidery on the collar. (about 90 Euro, Conleys about impressions)
Photo: Impressions
  1. Combine Nude correctly
  2. Styling tips: Noble with glamor
  3. Styling Tips: Sportive with White and Leo
  4. Trendy boho style
  5. Classic with jeans

Combine Nude correctly

In no case should one combine the delicate Roséton with pastel shades, since the trendy color would immediately look pale and cotton candy.

On the other hand, Nude will be extremely stylish with jeans blue or noble non-colors, with a little Leo, glitter and cool shoes.

Styling tips : Noble with glamor

The spotted pencil skirt cries outright "Christmas party". And what fits better than a shirt with flare and a box jacket with glossy stripes?

Jacket, about 40 €, Hallhuber at eBay Fashion. Rock, about 65 €, Luisa Spagnoli on eBay Fashion. Shirt, about 25 €, Van Graaf. Pumps, about 50 €, New Look

Styling Tips : Sportive with White and Leo

A sweater can not help but be athletic. But the pants should be pretty trendy cut - with pleats. A Leo loop may nestle around the neck.

Pants, about 60 €, H & M. sweater, about 50 €, cotton blend, Soxxs. Loop scarf, approx. 25 €, synthetic fiber, Zalando. Shoes, about 25 €, H & M

Trendy boho style

Flutter, flutter, flutter - solo is such a light dress in Nude too airy. But the cardigan is his. Belt drum, lined boots and knit stockings - winterfest!

Dress, about 35 €, polyester, Vila. Cardigan, approx. 50 €, wool blend, mango. Belt, approx. 25 €, leather, Tom Tailor. Boots, about 90 €, leather with plush lining, bullboxer

Classic with jeans

Fine lace blouses, jeans and high heels - that's how a Frenchwoman would wear rosé. Let's do it!

Jeans, about 40 €, cotton mix, Zara. Blouse, approx. 35 €, synthetic fiber with lace, Vila. Shoes, about 80 €, leather, H & M

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