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Heidi Klum: Does the teenage mania make her sick?

Heidi Klum at the "American Music Awards". Her appearance there caused a stir.
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She has changed completely!

Actually, it was not a particularly important date for them, they should hand over a prize - but Heidi Klum (38) made this evening a gig that caused a stir - and raised questions ...

It happened last week at the American Music Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Then our top model appeared in a lift that caused confusion. He should probably be particularly fast and youthful. Heidi Klum wore a very short dress, which was also transparent. Her eyes had been darkened, her hair turned into playful curls. She also looked much thinner than a year ago! "That may be fashionable for young girls, " whispered an elderly lady. "But as a mother of four - she does not need that!" Always thinner, younger and younger - a dangerous trend in America. Especially with models: the German Julia Stegner (27), who hovers over the catwalk for "Victoria's Secret", where Heidi Klum once became world famous, knows the pressure. Before a show is tough training on the program, sugar and carbohydrates are taboo! Other models even abstain from solid food for weeks to be slim. Does Heidi Klum also bow to this pressure, which can quickly make you sick ? She, who otherwise advised, "My tip is not to be too thin. It makes you look five to ten years older. " But obviously she does everything to keep up with the young models. Models to keep up. She does not have to prove anything to anyone else: she has a great career, four children, is happily married. Heidi Klum could tackle it more relaxed. Instead, she rushes from one appointment to the next and tortures herself with an iron sports program. Dear Heidi, be proud of what you are - and do not pretend you're 20 years old again ...

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