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Knitting instructionsKnitting the fashion hooded jacket: It's that easy

What could be more enjoyable than lying in a hooded jacket on the sofa? We could not think of anything spontaneously - that's why we have this knitting pattern for you!

You can knit this cozy cardigan with our instructions yourself.
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Our favorite clothes piece? The hooded jacket! In the cuddly sweaters you can really make yourself comfortable and spend whole hours on the couch. For those who like it a bit fancier, there are also elegant models - such as our own hooded jacket made of alpina wool. The hooded jacket made of knitwear is easy to wear in everyday life, when combined with skirt and jeans. And because the material is so cuddly soft, we are guaranteed not cold in it. The instructions for the cozy trend part can be found below in the download.

That's what you need:

  • Lana Grossa quality "Alpina": approx. 900 g taupe (Fb. 2) and approx. 100 g red (Fb. 15); Knitting Needles No. 3, 1 Circular Needle No. 3, 100 cm long, 7 coconut buttons by Union Knopf, Art. 45959, 23 mm, color: 18 beige / brown

That's how it works:

Knötchenrand: The 1st M every R as rechtsstr. dep. The last M every R re str. Attention: Knit all parts with knots!

Garter sts: back and forth garter sts, but at the same time prick lower in back-R 1 R, thus the R will dissolve in between,

Mesh sample: 23 sts and 46 rs garter sts with nd. No.3 = 10 x 10 cm.

You can find the download of our knitting instructions here.

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