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So seriously ill can make you a hair tie

Audree got infected by a hair tie

She wore a hair tie on her wrist and almost died

Audrey Kopp barely escaped death. And only because she wore a hair tie on her wrist. The tape triggered an infection that nearly cost Audree his life. Now she wants to warn you about what happened to her. At the station WLKY she tells about the worst experience of her life.

It all started with a seemingly innocuous glittery fabric bracelet (see photo below) that Audree wore around her wrist. In the middle of the move chaos, she did not notice a swelling of the arm at first.

CAUTION: The following picture, you might find disgusting

This was Audree's Abcess

When Audree visited a doctor, he gave her antibiotics to stop the infection. But that did not help either. So she decided to go to the hospital again. The inflammation was cut open. Audree was on the verge of septic shock.

Audree's abscess was cut open and cleaned. The surgeon is sure that bacteria have penetrated their hair gums into the skin and caused an infection there. The pathogens probably found the way into the skin through small skin injuries of the glitter.

"I could not believe it at first, I thought I was bitten by a spider, " Audree says. She says today she will no longer wear hair ties around her wrist. Above all, no glitter hair gum, in which bacteria can still settle more easily.

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