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Ridley Scott: 'Films are not art'

Hard words!

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott does not believe that producing a movie has anything to do with art

Ridley Scott / ©

The director ('Robin Hood') admits that at the Cannes Film Festival, where the film stars Russell Crowe's premiere, it's all about selling a movie. The filmmaker states, "Cannes is a marketplace We make films and try to sell them, there's no other way to say it's all about pure art, it's nonsense, it's about how you sell a movie, I do not care if it's a lot If I do not sell it, the filming made no sense. "Nevertheless, Robin Hood is the" perfect "film to open on May 12, the festival. He tells the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "This 'Robin Hood' fully lives up to the promise of what Robin Hood should be, so it's the perfect package to open the festival in Cannes." Scott recently unveiled details about his latest movie based on the Monopoly board game. He admitted that this would have little to do with the classic pastime: "We had a hard time at the beginning, because my head was pushing me in the direction in which I wanted to say: 'Somehow I have to bring the game in. I have to Show the game with people walking around on a board, with the big houses and the funny hats and stuff. "But then I was told, 'No, we just want a movie', that makes it a lot easier."