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Offenders: "Women should not fight against rape

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An Indian woman demonstrates against rape
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In 2012, involved in a deadly rape in India blames the victim. "Women should not be traveling alone at night, " says Mukesh Singh, sentenced to death .

Delhi, December 2012 : 23-year-old Jyoti Singh Pandey drives home with a male companion hitchhiking in the private bus of a group of six men. These provoke a fight, beat Jyoti and her companion unconscious and rape the young woman over an hour. Among other things, with an iron bar. Subsequently, the perpetrators throw both victims naked from the bus. Jyoti dies on December 29 of her internal injuries.

The perpetrators were arrested on 21 December. The youngest victim receives a three-year youth arrest. Although there are reports that say he was the most brutal. A perpetrator commits suicide in his cell. The other four men are sentenced to death.

Now the bus driver Mukesh Singh intervenes in a BBC interview, accusing the victim of being responsible for the crime. "A decent girl is not out at 9pm, " he said. In addition, a rape victim should not defend, but let the crime endure. Terrifying that Singh shows no remorse for his act.

One of his lawyers had also made similar statements in the past. If one of his sisters or daughters, who was unmarried, went off alone, he would "most likely pour petrol over them and set alight" in front of the entire family.

Violence against women is a general problem in India . Again and again women are raped, abused and even killed because they behave more modern than it is desired. In the meantime, laws have been tightened and protests against violence are increasing.

Still, Singh paints a dark future for women in India. In his eyes, women are "only" raped so far. If the offender is threatened with a higher sentence, he will now kill the woman too, says Singh.

But even the death of his victim has not saved Singh from the death penalty. He has appealed his verdict . With little chance of success.

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