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The allergies of the stars

Allergies: Hay Fever & Co

Whether hay fever, food or animal hair allergy: When it comes to health, even stars like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson or Drew Barrymore are just humans and fight with the overreaction of the immune system. We introduce affected celebrities and their allergies.

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When the pollen season starts in the spring, not only many of us, but celebrities like Hugh Grant or Scarlett Johansson are fed up too. The British actor and heartbreaker suffers as well as his attractive colleague under acute hay fever.

Which celebrity suffers from which allergy, reveals the gallery (14 pictures).

But also contact with animals or the consumption of some foods can cause allergic reactions. So Halle Berry should rather let the fingers of lobsters or crabs at the evening dinner. Fashion designer Wolfgang Joop also reacts very sensitively to animals because the designer has an annoying cat hair allergy.

Some stars, on the other hand, could fill a whole list with their allergies. For Jessica Simpson, the fun of eating with cheese, tomatoes, coffee and wheat, among other things.

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