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Jeremy Meeks - is he the hottest US detainee?

Jeremy Meeks: the hottest prisoner in America.
Photo: facebook / Stockton Police Department

From the criminal to the sex symbol

The criminal photo of Jeremy Meeks drives women crazy. His offense: forgotten. Is he the hottest prisoner in America ?!

Can these eyes lie? Can this look kill you? We can hardly imagine it. A man - as painted. Full lips, ice-blue eyes, ... STOP !!! These eyes may well be lying! Jeremy Meeks is a criminal, though the hottest in America.

Last Wednesday, the 30-year-old was said to have been arrested for gun possession. According to police information, he and three other men stored heavy weapons on a ranch in California. A criminal offense that can be punished in the US with a prison sentence of up to four years.

One day later, the 'Stockton Police Department' posts the criminal photo on facebook. Nothing unusual. It is known that America's criminals are presented to the public, 'Mugshots' (criminal photos) make the rounds quickly. The case of ' Jeremy Meeks ' breaks all records.

40, 000 clicks. 12, 000 comments. And within a few hours. The women's world seems intoxicated. Meek's offense: forgotten. The compliments of America's hottest inmate skip:

"Is it illegal to be sexy?"

"I want to be kidnapped by him!"

"I want to go to jail.

"I want him for one night!"

"How many women have already" searched "for such a man on Facebook ...?"

Meanwhile, the first photo montages circulate Jeremy Meek s on the net: Meeks as a new campaign model for Givenchy or Calvin Klein. Even Hollywood producers should have already requested him. He would have the look. And that certain something too.

Maybe his future looks like this. It would be to wish him yes. And who knows. Not infrequently, models are discovered at the supermarket checkout or at the Oktoberfest. Why not in prison ?!