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Ingeniously simple: Knit with your fingers

Knitting with your fingers is super easy and results in a great structure.
Photo: You Tube / Fiber Flux

Tutorial: This is how you can knit a scarf with your fingers

Knitting is super easy and the results are very pretty! In this video, you'll learn how to knit a scarf with your fingers!

Knitting is just cool. Nice wool, a few needles plus some quiet time and the most beautiful clothes are already created. Cuddly scarves, sweaters or socks, warm blankets or chic pillow cases. What we did not know yet: knitting is also wonderful without needles!

Five fingers are enough to knit rough stitches. The knitted pieces that are created have their own charm.


In this video you can see exactly how knitting with fingers works with coarse wool:

And in this video here shows the creator Katrin, how you can knit a beautiful scarf with your fingers made of thin wool!

A real favorite for the winter!

You love knitting? Here are many great knitting instructions - completely free!

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Nice knit utensils


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