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Upcycling Ideas for Clothing: Creative Fashion with Instructions

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  1. Bring up summery espadrilles
  2. Upgrade simple T-shirt
  3. An old jeans with new function
  4. A collar for the correct appearance
  5. 08/15 toe sandals become an eye-catcher
  6. Glitter look for breast pockets

We spice up shoes, shirts and co

Shoes, T-shirts and jeans get a whole new look thanks to our upcycling ideas. Let yourself be inspired by our transformations. All tips are easy to copy.

The white T-shirt has no pep? The jeans looks pretty bad at the knees? Do not throw it away, because with a few creative tricks can be out of falter or old clothes still one or the other rausholen.

Bring up summery espadrilles

The Espandrilles from last year can stand a visual refreshment. With the initials, everyone at the party immediately knows who owns the shoes.

What you need: Transfer foil (office supplies), Espandrillos (, iron

That's how it works:

  • Create or scan the letter template either on the computer and print or copy it in mirror image (important !!) on the transfer foil.
  • Cut the template as small as possible and iron for about 3 minutes on the Espadrilles without steam.

Upgrade simple T-shirt

Simple T-shirts you have many in the closet. So why not spice things up a bit and become a favorite part in the closet ?!

You need: border, T-shirt, tailor's chalk, pins, tracing paper, scissors, paper scissors, pencil

That's how it works:

  • Use a tailor's chalk to draw one side of the collar directly onto the T-shirt.
  • Lay out the copy paper and record and cut the drawn shape with the neckline.
  • Place the cut out shape mirrored on the other side of the neckline and trace with a tailor's chalk.
  • Put the border with pins on the marked collar shape. Turn each end down to cover the edges.
  • Sew on the border with the sewing machine, sewing along the middle of the border.

An old jeans with new function

The old jeans were already worn out at the knees and legs. But do not throw her away. From it you can still wonderfully make a fancy apron for gardening ...

You need: old jeans, bias binding, flowered fabric, lace border approx. 4 cm wide, fabric scissors, seam divider, tailor's chalk, pins, sewing machine with matching yarn

That's how it works:

  • Cut trouser legs about 2 cm below the back pockets. Cut also longitudinal seams so that you only have the "buttocks" of a pair of jeans in front of you.
  • Round off lower corners of the jeans piece with scissors.
  • Put the bias tape around the cut edges of the jeans and secure with pins.
  • Sew up the bias binding with the sewing machine.
  • Separate one of the two trouser pockets with the seam divider from the jeans.
  • Put your trouser pocket on the flowered fabric and paint it with the tailor's chalk at a distance of 1 cm. Then crop.
  • Turn edge of flowered fabric 1 cm and fix with pins. Cut lace border to pocket size plus 1 cm and attach flush with pins at the top of the trouser pocket.
  • Then sew the top of the trouser pocket together with the floral fabric and lace trim.
  • Put trouser pocket back on the separated place and fix with pins.
  • Bag again to the jeans (do not sew the opening!)
  • For the second trouser pocket, cut a strip of the flowered fabric 5 cm times the pocket width plus 2 cm seam allowance. Fringes stripes.
  • Place the stripe in the middle of the trouser pocket and fix with pins. Stitch both edges and a central partition with the sewing machine.
  • From the remnant of the two denim shorts sew two 5 cm wide and arbitrarily long (measured on your own hip width) jeans hoses.
  • Sew both jeans hoses flush with the upper edge (waistband) on the apron.

A collar for the correct appearance

Your wardrobe consists of plain-colored tops? Get the styling kick and pimp your simple outfit with a self-made lace collar.

You will need: paper for the template, fleece-lined, white or cream-colored fabric (eg cotton or linen), lace fabric, 1.5 m satin ribbon in cream, scissors, iron, tailor's chalk, scissors, pins, sewing machine and matching yarn, Sewing needle

That's how it works:

  • Print out the template and cut it out.
  • Iron the fleece line to the left side of the fabric.
  • Place the template on the fleece line and mark with a tailor's chalk. Then place the template mirrored at the center of the collar and mark again.
  • Place the fabric side on the right side of the top and put them together.
  • Cut 1 cm away from the recorded original all layers together.
  • Cut the satin ribbon into 2 equal pieces. Lay the straps inwards, at the front ends of the collar and secure them so that they are sewn in when sewing them together.
  • Sew up the collar parts along the drawing, leaving a piece at the back center to turn the fabric over.
  • Turn the collar.
  • Sew up the opening with your hand.
  • Tip: Before turning the fabric, cut the seam allowance to better pull the collar into shape.

08/15 toe sandals become an eye-catcher

White toe sandals can sometimes take a splash of color. With few resources, the summer slippers gets a completely different look.

You need: Ribbon yarn in turquoise, ribbon yarn, patterned hair ties with flowers (eg from H & M, about 2 euros), 1 pair of toe sandals, scissors, needle and thread

That's how it works:

  • Wrap the ribbon yarns several times around the slightly spread fingers of the left hand. Remove and knot together in the middle with a piece of thread. Slit loops.
  • Put the resulting mini-pompons on the flip-flops with a flower of hair tie. Suturing.

Glitter look for breast pockets

The noble silk blouse has a spot right on the bag? Do not throw it away, the next party can definitely join them again with even more shimmer optics ...

You need: Tacky Tape (double-sided adhesive tape, eg from Knorr Prandell, width 28 mm, about 5 Euro, craft shop), blouse, glitter spreader in silver (by Rico Design, about 2, - Euro, craft shop), scissors

That's how it works:

  • Cut Tacky Tape and stick it in strips on the pockets of the blouse.
  • Sprinkle with glitter in silver. It is best to put some paper under it, otherwise everything will glitter.

White t-shirt gets unusual pattern

A touch of nostalgia radiates this, with our DIY guide, pimped T-shirt. The ironed-up motifs are actually embroidery frames and look great on the plain cotton shirt.

You need: old embroidery as a template, embroidery hoop 2 different sizes (haberdashery), transfer ribbon for textiles (stationery), T-shirt, inkjet printer, scissors (haberdashery), iron

That's how it works:

  • Select 2 embroidery motifs and stretch in 2 embroidery hoops of different sizes.
  • Scanning subjects (at home or in the copy shop). The motifs have to be mirrored so that they are on the right side of the t-shirt.
  • Print out on the special transfer foil with inkjet printer, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Cut the motifs just along the hoop.
  • Arrange the motifs on the T-shirt, with the motif down and iron on the T-shirt according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Allow the T-shirt to cool down and then carefully pull off the carrier foil.