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Woman turns man: Skylar Kergil's transformation

If you see this picture, you certainly would not suspect that Skylar was born a woman.
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / skylarkeleven

A transgender story in pictures

On May 19, 1991 Skylar Kergil is born. What no one would suspect today: At that time he wore the name Katherine Elizabeth and was a little girl.

The name Skylar was chosen by the young man, who can be seen in the video below. Under him, the transsexual is now known. He is a musician, author and actively supports the rights of transsexuals. But before all this could happen, Skylar first had to leave little Katherine Elizabeth, the one he was born, behind.

In the summer of 1994 - at the age of only three - little Katherine Elizabeth realized that she did not want to lead the life of a little girl. She announces to her grandfather that from now on she would like to be called Mike.

Mike has short hair, wears clothes for little boys and loves sports. Nobody would assume that behind the name Mike is the little Katherine Elizabeth, who would rather be a boy than a girl. But then Mike comes into puberty and his biological gender becomes more visible.

At this point, Skylar can not communicate his feelings yet, does not know how to express this struggle with his own body and make himself understood to others. To be part of it, Skylar tries to be more feminine in high school. But there remains the feeling that something is not right.

But in his freshman year, Skylar no longer tries to pretend and comes out. He has his first girlfriend. In 2006, Skylar begins his transformation. Shortly after meeting a transsexual person for the first time and finally becoming aware of the situation he is in.

Skylar or Skye - as he calls himself at that time - lives the life of a young man. It's an attempt to find out who he really is. When Skylar starts taking testosterone in 2009, the decision has finally come: he wants to live on as a man. Only a few months after the start of his treatment, he also changes his name: Katherine Elizabeth is now officially called Skylar Tucker.

In winter 2009, another important step for Skylar followed. He had his breasts taken off. The end of 2011 was followed by the removal of the uterus. However, hormonal problems played a role here.

Today, the young transsexual has been taking testosterone for over five years and is happier than he has ever been in his life. Over the past several years, Skylar has come to the realization that he does not simply want to forget or obliterate his past as a woman. She remains a part of him. He is open transsexual and proud of it. His YouTube channel, where he shares his story publicly for years, is proof of that.

The story of Skylar Kergil, a young man who has finally found himself, impresses and inspires. So also the commitment, with which the 23-year-old advocates for the rights of transsexuals. Further information is available to all interested parties not only on Skylar's YouTube channel, but also on its homepage.